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Onthe fly data eliminations and dynamic set analysis

Dear All,

I am working on data consolidation and intercompany flows elimination on the fly.

My case a company (RU = reporting unit)  A sales to a company B (ICP = interco partner that is a group RU)

B may sale to A

C sales to B


2015-04-19 11_06_26-Boîte de dialogue.png

As we are a group we want to eliminate flows between them based on RU hierarchies

example :

when L1 = ASIA, I want to elimate flows between A & B

when R_hiearchy = On demand, I want to eliminate flows between A B & C, but not D

2015-04-19 11_08_33-Boîte de dialogue.png

More or less, what we are saying ELIM = sales for ICP = set of current RU lineked to the displayed level 

I am  able to generate DynFormula  that could be the right formula but not able to apply it on the fly  : the systems takes ICP = All RUin On demande instead of staying in ASIA level


2015-04-19 11_15_29-QlikView x64 - [C__Users_harduinr_Documents__FPS_02 - Projects_196 - CARS BI_QV_.png

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Re: Onthe fly data eliminations and dynamic set analysis

I share my Qlikview sample

DynamicElim = =-sum(  {$<ICP={   $(=CONCAT(Chr(39)&RU&Chr(39),','))

}>} Data)

toElimSet  = = Concat( DISTINCT Chr(39) &RU &Chr(39), ',' )

DynFormula = ='-sum(  {$<ICP={' & Concat( DISTINCT Chr(39) &RU &Chr(39), ',' ) & '}>} Data)

right columns =-sum(  {$<ICP={ $(=Concat( DISTINCT Chr(39) &RU &Chr(39), ',' )) }>} Data)

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