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Oracle 10g connection failure

We have troubles with Oracle 10 client connection.

We installed 64-bit Oracle10g Release 2 ODAC for Windows x64 client, downloaded from Oracle site. It includes 64-bit Oracle Provider for OLE DB QlikView developer 8.5 sees Oracle OLEDB data provider, but it says Provider is no longer available.

Then we successfully created ODBC source to our database. But QlikView does not see that ODBC source.

Whatever we were doing - QlikView was not able to load data, neither with ODBC, nor with OLEDB.

QV 8.5 works well with Oracle DB only using Oracle 11 client and Oracle 11 DB. But we need Oracle 10 for production release.

QlikTech consultant said that client side driver is only available from Oracle through a complete installation of Oracle Enterprise server. Once installed, the DBMS services can all be disabled and would not require additional resources to compete with QlikView. Yes, we have installed full Oracle DB 10g and now QV is able to connect to Oracle 10 database on remote machine but this workaround does not fit our needs.

Please suggest what to do, and what might be cause of these problems with oracle 10, why all other software work well with standard Oracle drivers, but QlikView does not.

When QlikTech is going to solve this bug?

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Oracle 10g connection failure


I would like to know if you found a solution with your problem, because I have the same Oracle version Smiley Happy on a 64 bits environnment.
So did you manage to install appropriate ODBC drivers ?

Best regards

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