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Partial Reload and Drop Statement

Hello to all,

I have a problem with the PartialReload.

In my file with a button active a Partil Reload of part of script. Now I created a variable "SI" if is defendant execute a Partial Reload in a part of the script else if it is otherwise " " is another part of the script execute.

My problem is that the partial reload make problems in the DROP (Tables and Fields) of the party not involved in the Partial Reload.

I've already put:

                              if not IsPartialReload () then

                                  DROP Table Table_1;


in rest of script out PartialReload.

Anyone have any suggestions? Grazie

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Re: Partial Reload and Drop Statement

Not sure if I have fully understood your issue.

Could you elaborate a bit more what you get and what you expect to get using which script (so,if possible, please post a small sample QVW that demonstrates your issue)?