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Partial where not exists?


I have a qvd that has 50+ rows of data and want to exclude parts of a row which an Order Number already resides in a spreadsheet (used to clean up any exceptions).

QVD Table

Order NumberCompany NumberProduct CodeCustomer NameValueSiteAreaetcetc

Spreadsheet Exceptions

Order NumberNew Company NumberNew Product CodeNew Customer Name

So I want to replace the Company Number with the New Company Number, Product Code with the New Product Code, and Customer Name with the New Customer Name, as well as maintaining the other fields (Value, Site, Area etc) that is from the original table. The below table is what I want to have as the end result

New Table

Order NumberCompany NumberProduct CodeCustomer NameValueSiteAreaetc

I have tried where not exists on the QVD Table but this will obviously purge all the data in that table that is assigned to the Order Number. Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Partial where not exists?

see the attached file

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Re: Partial where not exists?

Thanks, will that solution still work when there are orders that aren't on the spreadsheet, i.e. not all orders will be on the exception spreadsheet and as such should not be changed at all.