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Passwords and QlikView Access Control

I have implemented access control for my QlikView document (mostly for section access purposes rather than accessing the document at all). I was wondering if there is a way to prompt the user to set their own password and have it stored in the script, rather than me as the administrator set a password for them.

Is this possible?

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Re: Passwords and QlikView Access Control

Hi Tim,

if you are using QlikView own UserID and Password (as opposed to NTNAME), then no - unfortunately there is no native capability for the users to manage their passwords. You'd need to develop that logic outside of QlikView.

For this reasons, most companies opt for integrating security with Windows networks and Active Directory, in order to leave the job of authentication and password management to Windows.


Oleg Troyansky

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Re: Passwords and QlikView Access Control

Okay that makes sense. I've integrated windows security for accessing the document at all and was hoping I could somehow combine this with internal access control to then limit what the user can see when they log in.

I'll explore avenues outside of QlikView

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Re: Passwords and QlikView Access Control

An enterprise level a solution could be to use third party authentication layer in front of your QlikView Access Point such as single sign on by Site minder or other.

Users can manage their profile password out side of QlikView.  Whenever they login to Access Point their call will be redirected to Site minder for validation and then directed to QlikView Access Point.

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Re: Passwords and QlikView Access Control

It appears that it doesn't like it if there are any cells left blank. My spreadsheets that have no missing values work fine, those with missing values in any variable cause the issue.