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Contributor III

Pay Period 13 that breaks over a year end

I really need to solve this issue. Attached is my calendar script. My only issue is when selecting Pay Period 13 and am trying to compare or report on Pay Period 13; which ALWAYS breaks over a year end.

I need it to show the correct dates for this period. I am not trying to use this in Set Analysis in an expression but as a date selection. My end users will select a Year, then Pay Period to compare data.

Each tab in my document contains the following calendar selections.

Calendar Selection.png

have posted this issue several times and have not gotten a resolution and I am desperately in need of a fix as I have to have this fixed by the end of the month for my company.

You time and assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Pay Period 13 that breaks over a year end

I would consider using a Pay Period Year field that runs from Period 1 to Period 13.

This is similar to week numbers where week 1 can start in December of the previous year, so a separate WeekYear field is needed that matches the week numbers rather than just using the calendar year.