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Persist Inputfield changes via Ajax from Session to Session

I'm trying to use inputfields in an administrative sheet in a QVW to control sheet visibility.  I have a tablebox that contains the flags I have to set.

When I make a change to the inputfield in Ajax, the field changes and the sheet visibility works.  However, when I logout and log back into the QVW, the inputfield has reset.

I have Dynamic Data Update licensing and I have it turned on in file and on server.  However, is this necessary for an inputfield?

I have server objects turned on.  Does the .shared file store the resulting change of the inputfield?

If I'm using a tablebox to make the change, is there a way to ID the cell in the tablebox that's changed and then write an update command to the field via macro?

Is it better to launch the update command on change to the field?

All recommendations are welcome!

Thank you,

Jeff G

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