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Pivot Table, Double values


I have created a pivot table, but I have a problem with values that come up twice. (See picture)


I've made a QlikView model containing hourly values of our electricity meters.
All electricity meters are connected to a measuring point ID. (Measuring point ID is the unique "fingerprint" of your electrical cabinets / Location)
During the year, some of the power gauges been replaced, therefore it comes up two electricity meters per measuring point id.

Is there any way to remove all the non active measurement numbers?

Is there a way where you can remove all measures numbers which have not received hourly values in 2015?

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Re: Pivot Table, Double values

Can you remove the forth dimension 'Malernr' ?


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Re: Pivot Table, Double values

No. I need that dimension.

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Re: Pivot Table, Double values

Do you have a field such as 'In-Use' or similar which has a 'yes/no' value? If you do then you could add in a WHERE clause in the load script and filter those non-active meters eg: WHERE In-Use = 'Yes'.