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Pivot table column hide

Please advice how to hide a column in pivot table if the value is null

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Re: Pivot table column hide

If you're talking about the column of an expression that is shown for each value of a horizontal dimension then that's not possible. The expression column will always be shown for each dimension value. You can not hide it for one dimension value and show it for another.

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Re: Pivot table column hide

We need to hide a column dynamically based on dimension value using pivot table in QlikView 11


Measure 2

Dimension 1

Dimension 2

Dimension 3

Measure 1

Measure 2

When on pivoting Dimension-3 over the measures horizontally, system should show the measure 1 column when dimension-3 value is Y and should hide the measure 1 column when dimension-3 value is N.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

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Re: Pivot table column hide


Could you please explain what could be the expected result from above input data?

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Re: Pivot table column hide

hi Rajkumar,

please elaborate what exactly you want, so that it can be understood.

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Re: Pivot table column hide

Hi Raj, you can't hide one cell value for Measure1.

If you want hide the entire Row if Dimension3='N' then use calculated dimension for Dimension3 like below:

     IF(Dimension3='Y' , Dimension3 , Null()) and check the Suppress Null Values option.

If you want hide only Measure1 cell value when the Dimension3 is N then use the Expression for Measure1 like below:

     IF(Dimension3='N' , ' ' , Your Actual Expression )

Here we are escaping the calculation for Measure1 with space if Dimension3 = 'N'

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