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Pivot table with variable columns and rows


I have a complex model I am working on where they want to be able to handle the dimensions and expressions a lot like in Excel. So what I have done is create two containers with the values duplicated but handled with alternate states, so the first container I call X Axis and the other Y Axis for now. They will also want to see Various amount columns as choice for the expression. I have had a look at the what new in Qlikview 11 model but it's not comparative as such with two bar charts, this is straight pivot function. What makes it more complex is The dimensions are 6 hierarchies. See attachment Pivot example 1 to see what it looks like.

So the users want to make a selection from one of the hierarchies for for example row level and then one from another hierarchy for columns. And then probably have a sum Budget or sum Expenditure for expressions, but the need to choose these as well which expression they want to see.

How do you suggest I do this.

I am still trying to get data loaded correctly, so I will try to get some data for an example

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