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Please Help

Dear All

Please tell how to Make Logic with condition Mentioned Below

from  today's [current] date to last six month.

how can i write logic for this

Thanks In Advance!


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Re: Please Help

I need more detail to help you,

you may use addmonths (Today(),-6) that return 2014/03/05

in this case you can set a condition where values are taken between the two dates

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Re: Please Help

Hi ,

Try Like this .


=sum({<trn_Date={'>=$(VarPrev6Maxdate)  <=$(VarMaxdate)'}>}  amount)


VarPrev6Maxdate : date(max(trn_Date),'DD-MM-YYYY')

VarMaxdate : Date(AddMonths(VarMaxdate,-6),'DD-MM-YYYY')

Thanks !!

Re: Please Help


Try like this

=sum({<DateField ={">=$(=Date(MonthStart(Max(DateField),-5),'DD-MM-YYYY'))  <=$(=date(max(DateField),'DD-MM-YYYY'))"}>}  amount)