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Popup showing images

I have the following task ahead..

I need to create a popup window in qlikview displaying an image.

Any pointers using vbscript in Qlikview?

or maybe OCX custom objects?

Kindest Regards


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Master II
Master II

Can you use a text object or chart object with the graphic as background?

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hi Mwoolf

I would like for a text object to work as a popup,

displaying the image in the background

Kind Regards

Master II
Master II

Place the image as background in a text object. Use a variable to control when the text object with show (on the Properties|Layout tab)

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Hi Woolf,

I would like to create a custom popup object, loading as a popup,

Instead of hiding and showing the object with a variable.

Kind Regards

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Did you ever get something sorted on this?

I'm trying to do the same thing.