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Preceeding load


I'm trying to do a preceeding load from two resident tables in the script.

"SKU, Quantity"  in TableA,

"SKU, 360 dayvel." in Table B.

I wanna do the calculations:

If((Sum([Qty On Hand])/([360-day Velocity]/52))>=0 and (Sum([Qty On Hand])/([360-day Velocity]/52))<=8 as [0-8WOH]

Anyone can give me hints.

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Re: Preceeding load

As per my understanding, the fields are on different table. If you want calculate on the script, please join the tables on a key & do the resident load. If two fields are in different table Precedent load won't work for ur case.

Please post full script to help further...

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Re: Preceeding load


The script worked.

Thanq very much.

I wil post the full script from next time.

Re: Preceeding load

As an alternative to Join, you can also use ApplyMap as a way to "reach across" to a field in another table.

Don't join - use Applymap instead

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