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Printing pdf reports

Hi there,

I'm trying to print pdf reports in qlikview using the cute PDF Writer. Basically I have 2 list boxes. I firstly select a value from List box x. This displays another list box, call it y. In list box y there is a list of 40 values.

I then select a value from listbox y and click on a 'print pdf' button which prints a pdf report which I manually save to a specific location.

I want to automate this process by writing some script that follows the steps below:

Select a value, call it 'Reports' from list box x

1.Then select the first value,say 'Report 1' from listbox y

2.Click on the print pdf button, this gives the pdf a name and file path to save it to

3.Repeat step 2 for the next value in list box y and so on until there is a pdf report for each value in list box y

I've been trying to do this using vba script but not sure if this is the right approach.

Any help would be much appreciated.