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Problem Seeing Full Data


I have an excel table loaded with this data

YearMonthCar         Expense

201411                    100

201421                    100

201431                    100

Sql table with this data

YearMonthCar     Income

201411               100

201431               300

The common key- is YearMonthCar

when i load the data in qlikview table the data from second row from excel table is missing.

I understand why because of the join,

but how do i fix it?

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Re: Problem Seeing Full Data


by default, QlikView does an inner join - which means only those records present in BOTH tables are in the output.

If you load your Excel table first, use a LEFT JOIN - that will keep all those records that are in the primary_table (which would be your Excel table), whether they match or not - and add those records from the other table that match.

The best and easiest way to visualize the different kinds of JOINs is, I think, with two overlapping circles.

Re: Problem Seeing Full Data

What kind of join have you done? You need a full join (not left or right), send me your script (or document)

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Re: Problem Seeing Full Data

the problem is that my primary table is the one from sql

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Re: Problem Seeing Full Data


You may have to use trim function to remove unwanted space from start and end of data before join them. Sometimes in excel we get space at the end of data.

Trim(YearMonthCar) as YearMonthCar