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Problem connecting SAS sas7bdat-file with ODBC/OLEDB

Hi Guys!

I have to connect SAS (one sas7bdat-file) as a new data source to QlikView.

As we prefer OLEDB as Connection method, we installed the corresponding driver (64bit) offered on SAS Support page ().

Unfortunately we experienced the error  ErrorSource: , ErrorMsg: Der lokale provider unterstütz zur Zeit keine SQL-Verarbeitung.

After browsing the internet, we found "OLE DB is not able to use SELECT-Statements".

So we decided to install the ODBC-Driver (64bit) http://support.sas.com/demosdownloads/sysdep_t1.jsp;jsessionid=0627FD2452C8966AD3CCC27AA45D5A15.tc5j...

Unfortunately, it is not working after installing it with the description QlikTech offers (and which is referenced in many posts) "How to Setup ODBC Connection to SAS Datasets".

We had to install it to D:\  instead of C:\  (i do not know, if this triggers problems).

Trying to use the ODBC-Driver which we created, QlikView throws SQL##f - SqlState: IM006, ErrorCode: 0, ErrorMsg: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Driver's SQLSetConnectAttr failed

Could it be a problem with the installation path and/or the settings in the ODBC-driver?

as the ODBC-Driver asks for paths for sas.exe an a working directory,  i do not know which paths i have to use..

Our system is not running SAS itself, we just have the sas7bdat file to try loading it.

Is there anyone having a solution for this problem?

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We have this exact error connecting through a Lotus SQL ODBC Driver.  Did you find a solution to this?


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We have the same problem / situation.

Have either of you had any success? I think that we are going to wind up exporting the dataset into a .CSV file and loading from there, but it would be nice if we could do this instead.


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hi both - for SAS, you have to install and licence SAS-Software on the server/pc you use to extract the data. Which is quite expensive (in comparison to free ).

Actually, we are using the same solution as you Nathan - using csv-files.

If we are changing this method i'll place a comment here, if we found a working solution

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Thank you for your reply.

Do you happen to know what license is required? Because we have the SAS software, I am less sure that we have the correct license.



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Hi. We have had same problem and tried to get access from qv via sas odbc to the mainframe.

We solved it as follows (out of SAS ODBC documentation - we are using SAS ODBC driver 64 bit):

Locate the following file:





Enter one of the following entry, depending if you use local sas session or remote. We have used the second one.

local      6000/tcp      # service name for local access to SAS data

shr2      5010/tcp      # service name for SAS/SHARE server

We must adjust the port and also the "shr2" name to our servername as specified in ODBC configuration settings.

After changing the services file, the problem was solved.

Please find the source document using this link - look at page 20 -> TCP/IP Services File


Special thanks to Frank who has helped me in solving our issue.