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Problem with Diogram choose!!!

Hi, Guys!
I need your help for solving one task!
The Task: Display the information about Employees, Offices and Sales which in Last month were sold better then in previous. (Graphically)

I know the solution of this Task in SQL-Server, but in QV I can't understand how to show it in diagram and which diagram I should choose for this type of data.

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Re: Problem with Diogram choose!!!

Then, Share me the query in SQL Server. We may convert into Qv as your manner

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Re: Problem with Diogram choose!!!

Actually, I'm not sure which columns I should to select. May be I didn't understand the Task at all.
There should be something like that:
Select [Employyes].[FullName], [Officess].[OfficeName], [Sales].[SalesDate] FROM Sales Left Join ...  WHERE ... (Here should be the conditions for Months)???

Am I right?

Re: Problem with Diogram choose!!!

Assume, This helps you and make sure, You can use joins directly here as per your need

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