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Problem with QVD creation

Hi Friends

I am a beginner in QlikView. Currecntly i am facing a problem to creating QVDs and Store into hard drive for future use. I am using this sample codes for all tables:

I am using just 35 tables.

let qvdpath='E:\path...................................................\';

store *from TableName1 into $(qvdpath) TableNm1.qvd;

error i am getting...

"Execution of script failed. Reload the old data?"

Let me know any alternative methods.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Problem with QVD creation

Hi Roy

This is what works for me:

LET qvdpath= 'E:\path\';

STORE TableName1 into '$(qvdpath)TableNm1.qvd' (qvd);

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Re: Problem with QVD creation

Hi ,

Kindly use the below line to set the path.

set qvdpath='E:\path...................................................\';




Re: Problem with QVD creation


Try by replacing the qvdpath var in store statement with the actual path. If it works then use what dhiraj has suggested.



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Re: Problem with QVD creation


I know my script having no error but it will work only for creating single qvd. I am having 35(min) tables in that qvw, I need to create 13 qvd  in single re-load.(TableNm1 to TableNm13),

Please let me know some alternative methods.

Seems its not reloading successfully.

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Problem with QVD creation

may be windows permission problem; check that the user / process running the QlikView has the write permission on the path specified/p>


Re: Problem with QVD creation


Try this

Store TableName1 into $(qvdpath)TableNm1.qvd;

If not working check whether the path exists or you have access to this folder.



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Re: Problem with QVD creation

Hi Biplab Roy,

why do you bother with a variable at all for a task as simple as creating a qvd file?

We have lots of those in our company-wide rollout - in a three-tier architecture - and I have a few in my apps to abuse QlikView for creating a history...

We have the "use relative paths" box checked and just written it out every time and we have no problems.

Also, it might be that your Server (I assume you have that app running on a server) cannot use the drive-letter E? That was my issue for some time.


Best regards,



Re: Problem with QVD creation


This error usually occurs because the write operation fails - possible causes are:

  • user does not have write access to the path specified
  • the path does not exist (the write command does NOT create the folder if it does not exist). If you have a space between $(qvdpath) and TableNm, this could be the problem. The file name and path should be enclosed in square brackets if the path contains spaces.  ie like [$(qvdpath)TableNm.qvd].
  • the file is locked and cannot be overwritten. This can be caused by a failed QV reload that was aborted, but left the QV.exe running. Close all instances of QV.exe processes in the task manager.



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Re: Problem with QVD creation

Make a loop for the different file names

for j=1 to 13

LET qvdpath= 'E:\path\';

STORE TableName$(j) into '$(qvdpath)TableNm$(j).qvd' (qvd)

next j

Make sure the export works for one file before adding the loop.

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