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Esteemed Contributor III

Problem with Section Access based on NTNAME

There is a Server-based application that is using Section Access with the next fields:
LINKNAME (for data reduction)

It works fine in most cases, but one user is getting login dialog, propmt to enter User ID.
I don't understand how it may happen since there is no USERID feild in Section Access. Though it doesn't suprise me that it doesn't recognise any User ID.

Appreciate any ideas.

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Honored Contributor II

Problem with Section Access based on NTNAME

in most cases wiht section access have learned that the error is not in QV. Try to work through it systematically: correct server, correct application, remove linkname, verify NT-name, remove strict exclusion for linkname ...
In most cases it is a small spelling-mistake, another login etc.


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Problem with Section Access based on NTNAME

Hi Michael,

I've got the same problem and I solved it as Peter tolds: removing strict exclusion



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