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Problem with data structure


I have a problem with my data. It has the following structure

NameTimestampno of
K12013-09-01 03:00:00.0006
K12013-09-01 04:00:00.0005

the problem is that the given hour is wrong; it should be 02.00 instead of 03.00. All "no of" needs to be moved "up"

Is there an easy way to fix this i qlikview?

I thought about some sort of if-statement at first, but it got complicated since there was a lot of special cases.

I have about 35 excel files with the same kind of structure. I thought about writing a macro in excel and fix the problem there instead

At the moment I'm using Hour(Timestamp) to get the hour from the timestamp filed

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Re: Problem with data structure

Hi Anna,

Please give more details. May you show more rows of your source table data and how those rows should look like after transformation?