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Problem with format for set analysis


I've been trying to get this simple expression to work. Keeps returning 0. However given my data set I know it should return 1059 (as it does when I try with an if statement - which I can't use as when I get it working I need to restrict the set further in the expression). Can any one spot any obvious mistake in the statement:

=count ({$<[Last Approved Date] = {"$(>AddMonths(Today(),-12))"}>}[Package GUID])

I'm after a count of the number of packages (Package GUID) that have a Last Approved Data > 1 year ago.

PS. I'm very new to Qlikview, so apologies if this is obvious / posted to the wrong group.

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Re: Problem with format for set analysis


FYI. Found the problem, expression should be:

=count ({$<[Last Approved Date] = {">=$(=AddMonths(Today(),-12))"}>}[Package GUID])