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Problem with running macro from server

Hello  All,

I'll be happy to get some help on a problem with running macro from server.

We are using macro to create textboxes including some data from model,

Macro is running without problems on computer, but when I’m trying to open model from the server  - Error message is appearing (prtscn attached as a file).

I think that following macro script is causing the problem – last  row of  Obj.GetProperties

Function CreateMachine()
       Set Sheet = ActiveDocument.GetSheetById("Document\SH-MachLocation")
       Set Machine = Sheet.CreateTextObject
       Machine.SetLayer 5
       MachineId = Machine.GetObjectId
       Set Obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(MachineId)
       Set ObjProp = Obj.GetProperties

Error mess. Is:

Macro parse failed. Functionality was lost.


Error: Object required: ‘Obj’

It seems that Obj can’t be found/created

Any idea what could be the problem?

Thank you in advance


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Problem with running macro from server

It's Ok

Apparently in Server Object ID is 'Server\ID' and not 'Document\ID' as it is on desktop.

That's why Obj.ID wasn't found