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Progressive selection


I have to select all days from the First of the Year to today. I want that users click on button and selection is made. How can I do this?

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Re: Progressive selection

Add action to Button



Select in Field



Search String

='>='&YearStart(Today()) & '<=' & Today()

Re: Progressive selection

You will need select in field action with the following Search String:

='>=' & Date(YearStart(Max(DateField)), 'YourDateFormat') & '<=' & Date(Max(DateField), 'YourDateFormat')

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Re: Progressive selection


Your solution works. But I have another question:

I'm working mainly with years, months and weeks; how can I get the same action for these 3 fields?

Re: Progressive selection

Can you elaborate little more on your requirements?

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Re: Progressive selection

Yes, here it is.

I want to see sales made between the First of the year and today, but I didn't loaded a Date field: instead, I've loaded 4 fields: year, month, week and day (monday, tuesday...).

Now, my purpose is to have a selection in each of this field. In other words, if I click this button, I get selection:

- 2015 in Year;

- from January to September in Month;

- from 1 to 37 in Week.

(days aren't a problem).

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