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Prohibit or restrict export and printing for specific users

Hi folks!

Quick question:

I have an environment where document access is restricted only on document level by Windows Domain Account. So if one person is logged in as the user who has the right to show the document, he sees it in Access Point.

No Section Access Management is in use.

Now I have the request to prohibit the export and printing functionality for SOME specific users. I only found options to prohibit export or printing in general for all users.

Is there a smooth way to solve this?

My thoughts so far included:

1.) Make a copy of the document, restrict exporting and make only this copy available to the users who are not allowed to export and prohibit access to the other copy of the document where printing is allowed. -> not very elegant, doubles maintenance efforts

2.) Prohibit export in the document options, override these options for admins and make the useres who should be able to export admins. -> also not my favorite, since admin rights come along with side effects

Any better solutions from you guys?

Help is highly appreciated!


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