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I want to create two tabs in qlikview.

Tab1- It will list the fields that user can select.

Tab2- Every object in tab2 will be filetered based on the selected fields in tab1.

How can I achieve this?Please suggest me a way in detail as I am new to qlikview.



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Re: Prompt Page for Users

This is standard Qlikview behavior, if I am understanding correctly.  Assuming the fields listed on the first tab are the same as the fields used in the objects on the second tab then your selections will carry over from the first tab to the second.

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Re: Prompt Page for Users


I don't understand clearly what you need...

In QlikView, every list and graph can be used as filter

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Re: Prompt Page for Users


You probably mean "Sheets" instead of "Tabs".

Anyhow, whenever you select something in QlikView, all other affected views get automatically updated to reflect the change. The fact that you have a graph in one Sheet and the selection was made in another doesn't really matter. Sheets are just a way to logically separate the information presented to the end user, but you do NOT have a separate environment in each sheet. In other words, what you do anywhere in Qlikview will affect all your objects, regardless of which sheet they are placed in.

Neat huh?

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Re: Prompt Page for Users

Thanks to all. I got it.

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