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Pulling Data from REST APIs (XML/JSON)


I am evalutating using QlikView for a requiremet I have to build a desktop reporting widget.

My Data sources are all external REST APIs that return XML. eg webtrends, disqus and a couple of others.

Can QlikView pull data from these APIs and turn them into tables that can be joined to create reports?

Is there a tutorial or recommended way to do this? We would also want QlikView to poll these APIs on a schedule to refresh the data.

Thanks for your input.

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Pulling Data from REST APIs (XML/JSON)

You could check out:


We have an SDK for building connectors, ideal for connecting to web APIs. We could also consider working with you directly to build the connectors if they could be added to the QVSource platform.

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Re: Pulling Data from REST APIs (XML/JSON)

We now have a solution in QVSource for dealing with general JSON (and indeed XML) APIs: http://www.qvsource.com/wiki/General-Web-Connector-For-QlikView.ashx   It's available now in the latest nightly build ( and should be pushed into the next 'official' release assuming it's working out for everyone.

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