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I am new to qlikview , I would like to learn in detail about QLIKMART . Could some one provide me a post/blog/document where I can get information on this.

Please remember I am new to this , so I am expecting a document that begins with the basics of the concept.

Thanks in advance.

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I don't know of any documentation offhand, but a Qlikmart usually refers to a QVW that contains script that loads the data into a standard QV star schema. The Qlikmart QVW is then loaded with the BINARY script statement by user facing dashboards. This is a re-usability concept. So for example, Salees_DM.qvw contains the script that loads the QVDs, SQL, etc to build a data model for Sales analysis. Then a userr facing QVW "Sales.qvw" would contain the script:

BINARY Sales_DM.qvw;


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