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QMS API Client - Power Tool Usage

Hi all,

I need help making this tool work.

I'm working on QVS Version 11.2 SR6,

first thing is on "Service Version" I can't find this version only earlier - 11 under.

Secondly is paramter for qvsID, when I generate it by right click ---> Insert New Guid,

I get an error ": Failed to load because item with ID 838ef8d0-0313-41c3-86e7-b6c68a677ad1 does not exist."

Where do I find this value?




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Re: QMS API Client - Power Tool Usage

in the API request dropdown, choose GetServices(ServiceTypes serviceTypes)

then in the Value box, click that, a popup will show a list, choose QlikViewServer, click OK

click Execute

in the return value pane, expand the list for [0], and the ID field will be your QVSID

you can copy'n'paste that as needed.