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QV App not reloading

Hey Folk,

I have a wierd thing happening in my application.

I have a set of Applications which share same QVDs for Dimensions and their respective QVDs for Fact Table.

(Dimensions QVDs are same for all the apps, only Fact QVDs changes for every application).

They even have same data model.

All the apps are running perfectly except one.That app is hanging at a particular QVD, which is a dimension QVD having

21,805 records in it. After fetching this much lines, it becomes still and usually remain the same for hours.

I have tried changing the sequence of fetching the QVDs in the app, but its not working.

And when I reload the app till that dimension QVD only, it reloads properly.

I have some aggregations(Group By) after loadng this QVD in the app, but i dont think that would be causing the issue as its the same

we have in other applications.

Hoping for a solution...!!!


Neelam Singh

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QV App not reloading


How are you?

Coming back to Qlikview after so many days !

Though you don't think that Group By would be the cause(remember when you mention that, this may not be the cause- that means you say that - this may be the cause), still, may i ask you to post that specific code area or the application itself upload?

Regards,  tresesco

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QV App not reloading

Hi Neelam,

After reading your query the problem is not in Dimension Table.it is after Dimension Table.check it the Group by Script once.I have faced the same issue in my previous assignment.if you are applying Groupby in Transaction Tables with the Huge volume data.it will happen like this.check it once.

Thanks & Regards,


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QV App not reloading


Must be feeling blessed...!!!

Shifted to Kolkata??

Yaa ....i got the issue...

It was due to those Group by. The Server on which it was developed was having 128 GB RAM.

But later , it moved to a server having lesser RAM. Hence it was not reloading.

Thanks Anyways

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QV App not reloading

Thanks Santhosh

Yaa it was due to RAM constraint.

The group by on large Fact table was creating issue.



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