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QlikView SAP Connector


I have a question on SAP Connector verion 5.3. I used QvSAPQueryConnector --> Queries to look at the query. I have given the username, password, Server name and tested the connection (Successful). But, I don't see any queries listed. Am I doing in the right way to look at the queries?

I am able to query the tables from SAP, which means I have access to the tables, but unable to see the queries.

Can someone suggest any other method.

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QlikView SAP Connector

I have not really used it, but this is stated in the Installation Guide:

1.1.1 User configuration

Use the same User as defined for the SQL Connector. You have to give this User access to the relevant SAP Query User Groups by using transaction SQ03. All Queries in the User Groups you assign will be available via the Query Connector.

Hope this Helps, Good Luck!


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QlikView SAP Connector

Thanks Mike. Let me check the user access.


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Re: QlikView SAP Connector


I'm using sap query connector version 5.80 IR and I got "Sap Queries: unable to refresh data form Server" error message when I click on "Queries" button in script editor.

I already check in sap system the user is able to run the query.

Do you have any idea on what can be the reason for this issue ?

Thanks and Regards


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