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QlikView SQL Select for SAP where Value in other Table


I load data from SAP in QlikView.


SQL Select



from A004

where DATAB  <=  '$(vdateToDay)' and .............. ;

This part works well.

Now I'd like to add an other table. But only if the key "KNUMH" have the same value.

So I use a left join.

left join (Table1)

SQL select  MANDT,




from KONP;

This works but not very fast, because in KONP are 100 000 000 records and it load all records before the left join reduced the values. In Table1 I had the same problem, but after I add the "Where"-filter it works well.

Now I like to Select only the records where KNUMH is in Table1.

I try this way and some variants I find in the community:

SQL select  MANDT,



from KONP where  and KNUMH in (Select KNUMH FROM Table1);

But it doesn't work. I like to use Table1 for the selection, because Table1 is filtered.

Thank you for your support.



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