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QlikView app configuration on BlackBerry

Hi everyone!

I'm doing the configuration of Blackberry app but I haven't access to the server. I have the same configuration on iPad and iPhone and it works correctly.

On iPad app the settings are:

  • URL: sub.domain.com
  • Display Name: Example
  • Uses Mobile DIrectory: YES
  • Username: domain\user
  • Password: *********

On BlackBerry:

  • Server: sub.domain.com
  • Name:Example
  • Directory: ?¿ Domain ¿?
  • User: domain\user
  • Password: *********
  • Anonymous: NO
  • Connect via Https: NO
  • Login over HTTP: YES
  • Http port: XXXX
  • Https port: none

First, I don't know why BB has more options than iPad, and I don't know how set BB options for to do the same. In iPad it's not necessary introduce the port and for web the port is not 80, it's another.

Can somebody help me with the correct BB configuration?

Thanks in advance.

José Rodríguez

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QlikView app configuration on BlackBerry

Hi José, Are you using wifi for connecting?? If you are, did you activate this options in the Settings of the application? Also, i use the IP adress insted of the name of the server. hope it helps. Regards,

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QlikView app configuration on BlackBerry

Hi! I'm using 3G connection in BB. I've used 3G and Wifi in iPad and iPhone and everything works correctly, thanks.

The app settings in BB is:

  • Single Object: NO
  • Debug: NO
  • Use Compression: NO
  • Recently Used:
  • Dpi: 100
  • Transports:
    • Default Connection: YES
    • Force DIRECT TCP:
    • Force MDS:
    • Force WAP2:
  • Use Wifi: NO

Nothing, "Authorization failed" error...


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QlikView app configuration on BlackBerry

I've tried also with the IP. Appears the same error message.

I understand that the connection is OK but the domain and user are not correctly inserted, is correct Domain/User like in iPad?

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QlikView app configuration on BlackBerry

hi José, i re-read your original post. if you changed the default port (80) you must change the config.xml archive (in QV 10 the route is Programdata\qliktech\webserver). we changed to the port 4080 and we are connecting with http (insted of https) and the config.xml archive was updated on this 2 lines:



<HttpAuthentication url="http://_:4080/scripts/GetTicket.asp" scheme="Basic" />

Also, you have to configure BB-QV client with the port that you are using for connecting.

Hope it helps