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QlikView on the Cloud (Web Services)


We are exploring the idea to Post QlikView in the Amazon Computing Cloud.

The first issue we found is the connectivity with my ERP (Dynamics GP).

We’re exploring the daily data actualization (no the first extraction) throw Web Services, can somebody share some information about this?

Thank you

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Re: QlikView on the Cloud (Web Services)

Can you outline the project you are looking to run in the cloud. What data are you extracting from Dynamics and for what purpose, there may be cloud solutions with the relevant ETL capabilities available in the cloud for QlikView.

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Re: QlikView on the Cloud (Web Services)


We want to develop in QlikView three dashboards.

Financial and Sales dashboards from Dynamics GP and the Production dashboard from one Oracle’s data base

This data bases are running in our local data center, but the idea is in the near future hosting all our systems in the cloud.

The web services looks like a solution for extracting data from our local data bases to QlikView hosting in Amazon cloud computing.

Thank you

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Re: QlikView on the Cloud (Web Services)

you want to explore IBM Smart Cloud , they as Infra as a Service... you could maintain and control the server but hosted in the data center of IBM...