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Qlikview 11.2 - Create Interface Objects in LOAD SCRIPT

Hi People,

I've a macro which  execute my script everytime that I open the QVW. However, I would like to create a interface (like a home page) to hide the loading script and to show a message (like "Loading you are preparing your dashboard"). It is possible to do it?


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Re: Qlikview 11.2 - Create Interface Objects in LOAD SCRIPT

I don't think it's possible in such a way. Further I suggest to separate the reload-task from the normal application-usage by using external batches. See here what is meant:

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- Marcus

Re: Qlikview 11.2 - Create Interface Objects in LOAD SCRIPT

You could create a sheet with the "Reloading..." text and some stationary that is shown only during script execution.

However you should know also that it is extremely difficult to force QlikView/Windows to redraw the User Interface when something like a reload is running in the background. Close to impossible and - worst of all - unpredictable.

You could try with the "Opening Image" feature. See Settings->Document Properties->opening->Image which allows you to display an image for a number of seconds after opening the document.

The Progress Window however can only be suppressed by loading the document into a QlikView object through the OCX programming interface. The function call to (re)load the document has a switch to suppress the Progress Window. IT has its disadvantes too.


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