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Qlikview Date Looping + Storing looping result

Hi guy,

Im have couple of question here.


For Example:

Customer_ID, Credit_Left , Date To, Date From

C123, 100, 1/6/2011, 2/6/2011
C123,  80,  2/6/2011,11/6/2011
C123, 120, 11/6/2011, 31/12/2011

How do i get the following output result Eg


C123, 120 11/6/2011
C123, 120 12/6/2011
C123,120, 12/6/2011
C123,120 31/6/2011

Second..Izzit possible to store all the looping result into existing database without record duplicate?

The output result i wish to get which is the last day of the month and sum all the Amount from different customer for doing report.

PSmiley Frustrated I got existing table with many attribute also. im just taking out some field for doing report,

Please help me out
Thank You

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Re: Qlikview Date Looping + Storing looping result


Please find the Attached Application which serves  your need.

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