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Qlikview Rest Connector oAuth 2.0 Pagination

I've installed the Qlikview REST connector because i want to connect through oAuth 2.0 to Exact Online.

In Qlikview when i select the RESTConnector and connect i can provide:

URL: https://start.exactonline.fr/api/v1/{Division}/financialtransaction/TransactionLines

Because it is oAuth i need to provide an name value pair under Query parameters:

Name: access_token

Value: Some long token

Click on Test Connection and get Connection Succesfull, nice!!

Now i want to add some pagination so on the last section i see Pagination i choose for:

Next URL

Next URL field path: feed/link/attr:href

Here is where my problem starts and i got this uggly error

Connection failed

HTTP protocol error 401 (Unauthorized)

Requested resource requires authentication

The question is how can i use pagination on a REST api connection with oAuth2.0?



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Re: Qlikview Rest Connector oAuth 2.0 Pagination

I had the same problem and had to use Custom pagination in the Load Editor.

I have a suspicion it is not sending the authentication header on the subsequent iterations with the Next URL method.

Use the section "Using Custom pagination with Google Analytics" - my data source (Survey Monkey) has the total number available and a custom page size argument.  Set those and divide the total record count by the page size to see how many times you should iterate the loop.


Yours may not be exactly the same, but Custom is pretty flexible

One catch: In order to use the "WITH CONNECTION(querystringvar querystringval)" syntax, you need to define the parameter you want to use in the Connection


Re: Qlikview Rest Connector oAuth 2.0 Pagination

Hello Peter,

Did you get this connection to work?

I'm not that familiar with REST and a customer of ours asked us to get data from his EO environment.

Would be great if you could share some info.

Kind regards,

Roel van de Ven

Honored Contributor

Re: Qlikview Rest Connector oAuth 2.0 Pagination

Did you resolved the issue, post the solution to help fellow people.