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Qlikview - SAP BAPI report syntax question

Hi all,

i'm trying to create a model from SAP BAPI report and i need some help with the syntax

my report is like that:



CONNECT TO "Provider=QvSAPBAPIConnector.dll;ASHOST=;SYSNR=00;CLIENT=130;XUserId=XXXXXX;XPassword=YYYYYY;";



{ "direction":"out", "name":"ET_MB52_SN_BESTAND", "optional":false },
{ "direction":"in", "name":"IT_CHARG", "optional":true },
{ "direction":"in", "name":"IT_DISPO", "optional":true },
{ "direction":"in", "name":"IT_EKGRUP", "optional":true },
{ "direction":"in", "name":"IT_LGORT", "optional":true },
{ "direction":"in", "name":"IT_LGPBE", "optional":true },
{ "direction":"in", "name":"IT_MATART", "optional":true },
{ "direction":"in", "name":"IT_MATKLA", "optional":true },
{ "direction":"in", "name":"IT_MATNR", "optional":true},
{ "direction":"in", "name":"IT_SOBKZ", "optional":true },
{ "direction":"in", "name":"IT_WERKS", "optional":true },
{ "direction":"in", "length":1, "name":"IV_CSV", "optional":true, "type":"CHAR", "value":" " },
{ "direction":"in", "length":128, "name":"IV_FILE", "optional":true, "type":"CHAR", "value":" " },
{ "direction":"in", "length":1, "name":"IV_FLT", "optional":true, "type":"CHAR", "value":" " },
{ "direction":"in", "length":1, "name":"IV_HEADER", "optional":true, "type":"CHAR", "value":" " },
{ "direction":"in", "length":1, "name":"IV_HSQ", "optional":true, "type":"CHAR", "value":"X" },
{ "direction":"in", "length":1, "name":"IV_NEGATIV", "optional":true, "type":"CHAR", "value":" " },
{ "direction":"in", "length":1, "name":"IV_NOVALUES", "optional":true, "type":"CHAR", "value":" " },
{ "direction":"in", "length":1, "name":"IV_NOZERO", "optional":true, "type":"CHAR", "value":" " },
{ "direction":"in", "length":1, "name":"IV_SOND", "optional":true, "type":"CHAR", "value":"X" },
{ "direction":"in", "length":12, "name":"IV_VARI", "optional":true, "type":"CHAR", "value":" " },
{ "direction":"in", "length":1, "name":"IV_XMCHB", "optional":true, "type":"CHAR", "value":"X" }

since that IT_MATNR is a internal table and i want to do some "where's" in order to run for some items and not to run the report open (all items and sites)

where if its possible, i need to add the WHERE ='ABC' (for example) to run for specific item?

btw, per ABAP progremmer told me the item is called "IV_VARI"

thanks in advanse,


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