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Qlikview Store file into FTP Client

Hi there,

I need to share certain information regarding a listing of EAN codes hosted on a FTP. Downloading the data from the FTP folser to Qlikview is not a problem.

Works perfectly doing the following:




FROM [ftp://LOGINSmiley TongueASSWORD@ftp.DOMAIN.com/EANs.csv]

(txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is '\t', msq);

The problem comes when I try to save back the resulting data to the FTP folder:

Store EAN into [ftp://LOGINSmiley TongueASSWORD@ftp.DOMAIN.com/EANs.csv] (txt);

Is it possible to save a QVD, CSV or whatever by script into a FTP folder?

Any idea how to do so?

Thanks  very much in advance

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Re: Qlikview Store file into FTP Client


you could STORE locally and the run a batch command to push it to the FTP server.

- Ralf

Valued Contributor

Re: Qlikview Store file into FTP Client

For QVSource users, our File Transfer Connector supports both downloading and uploading files to/from QlikView with both FTP and Secure FTP (SFTP) Servers.

File Transfer Connector For QlikView (SFTP (Secure FTP) & FTP) - QVSource - The QlikView API Connect...

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