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Qlikview script line error

hi All,

i am coding in Qlikview 11 and i have written and i received  a "Script line error" just after a CALL like this


     CALL my_proc('param_1','param_2')

i have no idea why, someone have some suggestion?

thanks a lot.

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Re: Qlikview script line error

I'll answer my own question: Probably not.

The following code executes perfectly:

SUB my_proc(vParm1)

  SET vFlag = ProcDef1;


SUB my_proc(vParm1001)

  SET vFlag = ProcDef2;


CALL My_Proc('val1');

And variable vFlag will contain 'ProcDef2', meaning that the last definition is being executed. It's not just the fact that you defined your SUB twice that causes this error.

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Re: Qlikview script line error

Is subroutine my_proc defined before the CALL statement? QlikView does not perform a lookahead, or a preparsing step. The subroutine should already exist before you can make use of it.

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Re: Qlikview script line error

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Re: Qlikview script line error

yes, i have declare before calling, the strange things is that i have different part in my script that has the same structure and all other part work well; is only this part that as this problem.

Re: Qlikview script line error

Check the number of parameters. Does my_proc really expect two parameters?

Re: Qlikview script line error

what is the definition of subroutine? what actually subroutine does?

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Re: Qlikview script line error

this is the call

  • CALL My_Proc('$(v_variable)','out_one.qvd','out_two.qvd','done','[Field_one],[Field_two]')

this is the declaration

  • sub My_Proc(p_source,p_out_oneN,p_out_twoN,p_typeN,p_fields)

as type of calling is the same of other (i mean that i have other routine that work the same as this with the same parameters) but this is the only that give me problem the others give me correct output.

Re: Qlikview script line error

So what's in v_variable at the time of the CALL? I hope it doesn't contain any strings with quotes.

Re: Qlikview script line error

If you want to be sure what exacly the CALL statement-with-parameters looks like at the time of execution, generate a document log and search for the Script line error message in that log. The $-sign expanded CALL statement will precede the error message.

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Re: Qlikview script line error

v_variable contain a source:

is like this:


it doesn't have quotes inside.

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