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████ Qlikview with ascii code '0C' new page ████

Hi, All

I am not sure whether this issue has ever been addressed before.

When you have a text file with the '0C' new page character at the end of the file, i.e. last charater of the file, your qlikview script seems to go into an endless loop and hang there (when you try to use either table file wizard or reload the script).

There will not be any problem is the '0C' character is in between other characters.

Can anybody from QlikTech to explain this problem?

I yet to find work arounds to remove the last characters which are '0C' to solve the problem outside the Qlikview.

Best Regards


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████ Qlikview with ascii code '0C' new page ████

Sample file attached.

If you put the last character in any place rather than the end of the file, you should be able to get the file loaded. Or else, you will immediately get QV hanging when you try to parse the file.