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Query working fine in query developer but generating error in Qlikview

ErrorSource: OraOLEDB, ErrorMsg: ORA-01858: a non-numeric character was found where a numeric was expected Medical_Collection: select CASE WHEN LENGTH(CAANo)>4 THEN 'S'||CAANO ELSE 'OF'||CAANO END AS CAANO, EMP_TYPE ,EmployeeName,Designation,PayGroup,party_code,VENDOR_NAME,InvoiceVNo,PVNO,check_date,invoice_num, amount ,inv_desc,relation ,P_loc ,status, InvoiceVNo||'('||distribution_line_number||')' inv_line,invoice_date,period_date,GL_UNIT_DESC,GL_LOCATION_DESC,GL_UNIT, acc_desc, segment4 as acc_code, segment4||'-'||acc_desc as acc_code_desc, acc_desc||'-'||segment4 as acc_desc_code from Caa_Emp_Wise_Med_Summary_v

The aforesaid query runs fine in query developer but giving abovementioned error while running it in QlikView. What could be the reason? Please guide.

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