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Querying Data from within a file

Dear Qlik Community!

I've tried to solve this forever... but can't get it right yet.

What i'm trying to do is to get all the facebook comments for facebook posts, but there are two different queries from the QV Source App...

So that means I need to:

Query A: Get all the ID's for the posts

Query B: Get all the comments from the Posts on Query A

Join Query B's results into Query A, linking the comments to the post ID's from Query A.

Can anybody help me out? Should I export the comments to a separate file, query the file row by row, then join the answers??

I really have no idea how to do this...


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Re: Querying Data from within a file

Maybe have a look at this document, it's 3 years old, but maybe it's still showing the general approach to load and link the facebook comments:

FaceBook analisys with Word Cloud Chart

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Re: Querying Data from within a file


Thanks for the reply... Do you know if there's any way I can open the file??

It says that it has been opened too many times or something... and I can't open it on my personal license nor on the one I have on a server...


Re: Querying Data from within a file

The message seems to indicate that you are trying to open the file with your Personal Edition QlikView desktop version.

If you have access to a server, check if you can lease a license from that server.

A licensed QV desktop version should be able to open the document.

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Re: Querying Data from within a file

File works fine directly from the link. Could you do a screen grab of the error you're getting?

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Re: Querying Data from within a file

Got it to work! I had to use the "open from server" option =)

Nevertheless... my problem here is that there is so much information that I honestly dont know which part works for what I need. This is the same file that is used by the Facebook Connector from QVSource, and I've had the roughest time trying to transform it to the new connector...

That's why I need to understand the structure of queries within queries... Any ideas???

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