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QvWorkPath refresh issue QV v11


     I have a problem where $(QvWorkPath) is not refreshing at the beginning of a reload.  It still points to the old file location.  When researching this request, I found a that says an issue like this was fixed in Version 9 and after.  However, I am running version 11.00.11282.0 SR1 and still experiencing an issue.  I have a script that prints the variable QvWorkPath as the first step of a reload.  When I move the document from one location to another, the variable doesn't seem to be updated during a normal reload which causes the script to fail because it can not find includes or qvd files to load data from.  Even if I close it and reopen it, it appears not to update.  As a work around I have been having to open the document, open the script editor, do a debug, step a few steps in, the trace prints the old location at this point, then I close the debug window, open it again, start stepping again and now trace shows the correct file location. 

Is this still a bug or do I have another issue I may be missing?

/*Sample Script*/

trace 'Where am I running from ?  $(QvWorkPath)';

Thanks for any insight;


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Re: QvWorkPath refresh issue QV v11


     I contacted my support provider.  They have verified it's a bug and are submitting a request to Qliktech.  Here is a work around I'm using until this problem is resolved.

/*Work around until Bug Fix*/

let QvWorkPath=replace(DocumentPath( ),DocumentName( ),'');

Maybe this will help someone else.



Re: QvWorkPath refresh issue QV v11

This error also exists in  QV10 as far as I know!

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Re: QvWorkPath refresh issue QV v11

Hi Billy,

many thank for your "workaround"... very useful...;-)

Best regards,


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Re: QvWorkPath refresh issue QV v11

Thanks. I've had the same problem with as a symptom that the qlikview components threw an error when using qvc.InspectTable