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Re : Batch file for check the status of SQL / ORACLE


Can anybody help me on this :

I want a batch file who can identify the SQL or ORACLE database table/view is updated and after that I can triggered / Schedule my batch file for QlikView raw extractor.


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Re: Re : Batch file for check the status of SQL / ORACLE


What I do is the following:

1) Once my oracle tables are updated with new data, I create a flag file (txt file) in a specific location.

2) Every 30 min I run a qvw file that checks if that file has been updated. If the file has been updated, then this QVW execution is successful and I trigger my application .qvw to load on successful completion of the this file (though QMC)

Here's is the code that you should put in a .qvw file that checks if the flag file has been updated:

//Set info variables

LET vScriptStarts          =          NOW();

LET vUser          =          OSUser();


          NUM(filetime( 'D:\FilePath\flag_file.log' )) as UpdateDate //loads when was the last time the flag file was updated


SET vIntervalLoad          =          00 00:10; //Interval load used to load data Format: DD HH:MM

IF Peek('UpdateDate',0) > '$(vLastUpdate)' THEN

          LET vScriptEnds          =          NOW();

          LET vLastUpdate          =          NUM(NOW());

  //Here the script ends successfully


//Will exit script with error (fail)

          LET vLastUpdate          =          NUM(NOW());

           LET vScriptEnds          =          NOW();

          SET ErrorMode = 2;

  LET vErrorCode = $(=o); // This causes an internal error, therefore,



I hope this helps.

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