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Recoding of categorical data

Hi community!

I'm quite new in qlickview. Could anyone, please, help me with recoding categorical data of one field.

I've tried doing it using IF-function.

For example I have a field Occupation with codes like Financial Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing, Advertising, Education, Public Health Service. I need to recode it into new field Ocup with codes 'Social' (if Occupation = Education OR Public Health Service), 'Marketing' (if Occupation = Marketing OR  Advertising), 'Other' (if Occupation = Financial Accounting OR Information Technology).

How IF-function should be script for taking into accounts these conditions?

Many thanks in advance!


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Re: Recoding of categorical data


have a look into Henric's latest blog post:

Data Cleansing

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Re: Recoding of categorical data

hope this help

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Re: Recoding of categorical data

Swuehl, thanks!

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Re: Recoding of categorical data


thank you so much! It works great!

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