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Reduce data


i have data in qvd, from 2000 to 2010, i want to get data from 2007 to 2010, how can make this happen?

i had try






from data.qvd where year>2006

but only the date data type that were reduced and the other is like same before.

any suggestion.



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Reduce data

Hi Macro ,

I didnot understood your query . Please clarify the following ..

1) do u have only one qvd and when you are using the where condition, is the data not fetched according to the condition.

2) Do You have more than one QVD and you have to reduce the data in all the other Qvds based on the condition in the year table .

if you want o achieve the second query . you have to use the exists function on the key.



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Reduce data

hi, thanks for your reply.

i have more than one qvd.

i want to reduce only one qvd based on year condition.

example :

i have qvd from 2000 - 2010,

column : ID, Name, Date, Address

what i want is data from 2007-2010.

what should i do?


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Reduce data

Hi Macro,

You can simply write a where condition where year(Date)>=2007. Hope this solves your issue . If not please eloborate your query.



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