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Reference Absolute Cell Value in Excel

Hello. I'm using a LOAD statement to read data from Excel. I'm having to use explicit labels, so my script looks like LOAD A, C, AC, etc. Is there a way to reference the value of a cell -- say J1, B3, etc? My searching makes me think such functionality was not available in older version of QlikView, but I'm hoping something has changed. Thanks.

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Re: Reference Absolute Cell Value in Excel

There are several ways, but QV is not a spreadsheet program so don't expect the ease of excel. One way is to define that one cell in excel as a named range, aka table. You can then in QV load only that table. Another way is to load only the column that contains the cell, set the header to xxx rows to skip all the rows above the one that contains the cell and put FIRST 1 directly above the load statement to load only 1 record.

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