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Refresh QVD using QV & ODBC & VB/Batch File

Hi All.

Hope someone can point out an alternate approach to this !

I have a Database table ( I am using Progres DB) that stores all our credits for the past number of years, these credits have a unique sequential number. My problem is that due to the way the WMS is set up, these numbers get allocated when a credit is created and not when it is completed, a status of complete is also set. I don't particularly want to read in the full credit file of the correct status every night and I can't just look for the last ref number in QlikView and load from here because there could be gaps in the numbers due to the fact that particular credits have not been actioned yet.

The solution that I have come up with is a QV program using the following-

1. Run VB Script/Batch file - this will read through all the credits that not been exported to QlikView and set the status to awaiting export.

2. QV load - Read in via ODBC all the credits at the correct status and append to the QVD file.

3. Run VB/Batch file - set all the awaiting load statuses to a status of loaded so won be picked up again

This is a cumbersome way doing thinks and seems very error prone, was hoping someone could suggest a alternate/improved method.



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