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Refresh chart in the script


At the end of my script I call a program that creates a JPG of a graph object.

My problem is that the graph is not updated before the script has finished, so I get an export of an old object.

Is it possible to trigger an update of the graph object in the script?

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Refresh chart in the script

Not that I'm aware of.

Alternatively you could look to move the export of the chart into a macro within your .qvw that is triggered 'OnReload' / 'PostReload'.

The script for the macro shouldn't be difficult and as the macro is triggered only after the reload has finished the chart should update.

Hope that helps,

Matt - Visual Analytics Ltd

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Refresh chart in the script

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately the result is the same.

I made a macro that call my export program. The macro is activated on "OnPostReload".

Still the graph is not updated before it is exported.