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Regarding Apostrophe

Hi All

i need to pass in condition this statement

If( Status = 'Doesn't want to go', 'Doesnot want to go')

the "apostrophe" in the word "Doesn't "  is not allowing to pass the complete statement

how can that be solved.

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Re: Regarding Apostrophe

try with

=if(Status='Doesn' & chr(39) &  'want to go','SI','NO')


Re: Regarding Apostrophe

The concatenate of the chr(39) character works fine, but if you have many apostrophes you may want to go for:

if(Status=replace('Doesn¬t want to ¬go¬', chr(39)), 'Does not want to go')

You just need to manually swap out any apostrophes out for a character you don't use anywhere else and then swap it back in with the replace statement.

Hope that helps,



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